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Whole Goals LLC

Andrew Love

My business partner and I have been helping people have breakthroughs in their lives for a combined 10 years.

We've done so in the capacity of life coaching, pastoring, non-profit work etc.

In all of our efforts, it has become pretty clear that true fulfillment doesn't come on the other side of a checklist. With so many people in today's world more stressed out than ever, we wanted to develop a physical product that we could hand people and simply say "Here is a 90 day journey that will lead you directly to fulfillment'.

So, we set out to build a journal to help people set & reach the goals of their heart, mind, body and soul.

We wanted the areas which are normally abstract and elusive, and make them measurable so that people can actually see their progress in the areas of love, mentally, and spirituality.

We just concluded our kickstarter and were fully funded (though modestly) which helped us to feel validated in our concept. We are putting in the order this week for our first new batch of journals!!!

This is a journal.

It is for people who work hard, yet feel stressed out and disconnected from a sense of accomplishment.

It is for individuals who want to discover why their relationships don't work out and would like to find lasting love.

It is for humans who feel disengaged from the world around them and from their personal sense of power.

It is for people who would like to change their negative, destructive thoughts into helpful, positive thoughts.

It is for people who are sick of chasing after success as defined by this world and who simply want fulfillment as their end goal.

We will put in our order for the first batch of journals in the next day or two. After that, we will be building out our e-commerce store, and testing all of our channels to really hone in on who our true audience is.

The funds we would LOVE to accept from you 😉 would be used to take our next 2 months (while we are awaiting our product) to spend on ads, and other marketing to create a really tight feedback loop.

Our kickstarter helped us to find a small audience, but we'd love to make a tonne of content, do surveys, etc to really start a conversation about goal setting. We don't plan on just making another journal - we are going to reform the goal setting world so it stops stressing people out!

So in essence, we would like to do a deep dive into finding the voice of our brand over these next 2 months and the $5K would help us to do exactly that.

Coach Soak

Jordan McKinley

Some of the most powerful lessons I’ve been taught in life have come not from within the walls of a classroom, but from within the walls of a gym. I continue to be fascinated by the “unspoken lessons” that are available through exercise, and I admire the people who are willing to repeatedly face and overcome obstacles in the process of bettering themselves through fitness.

Coach Soak was born out of a natural affinity I have for those who use exercise as a tool for growth. I feel strongly connected to those who share in that experience, and I have a genuine passion to interact with and serve them.

Our mission at Coach Soak is to develop natural and effective body care products for those who take their training seriously.

As my understanding of entrepreneurship matures, I’m becoming more and more invigorated by the idea that once you focus on serving a specific group of people, everything else will fall into place a lot more effortlessly. That mentality has guided the decisions that I’m making with Coach Soak, and will continue to do so as we further pursue our mission.

We serve a unique type of person who trains for growth beyond just improving their physique. Our customers are driven by the absolute passion they have for training and competing in a certain sport or activity. They may not be professional athletes, but they are the “pros” of their local CrossFit gym, Obstacle Course Racing team, or runner’s club. They get an immense amount of fulfillment from participating in their sport, and it often serves them as a form of therapy, a social club, and a religion. They’re focused on growth and improvement, and they compete against themselves every day.

We plan to develop several natural and effective body care products to aid in their fitness journey. Our flagship is a line of muscle recovery bath soaks. During the strain of hard training, your body is depleted of essential minerals which causes tired and achy muscles. Muscle soreness is not only uncomfortable, but it also limits how effective you can be in your next training session. Our bath soaks replenish these essential minerals, which helps our customers recover faster and feel better so they can continue to pursue the best version of themselves.

We introduced our products earlier this year to an audience that we started building about 90 days before our launch on Instagram, a Facebook group, and through an email list. Every step in the product development phase, we solicited feedback from this amazing group of people. We took suggestions on everything from logo and packaging design, to the scent choices. We internalized this feedback and allowed it to shape our brand-building decisions.

Since our launch in September, the feedback has been extremely positive so far. The Scholarship will allow us the opportunity to pursue our mission much faster. We will be better equipped to move fast on certain opportunities such as developing new products to better serve our audience, and pursuing more creative advertising strategies.

Priority Organics

Salim Mitri

My brother and I have gone ahead and teamed up for this venture. We have worked together on other ideas in the past. We are both users of natural products, for both diet and personal care products. It also frustrates us how much plastic is used in todays products. We are bringing to the market everyday personal care products 100% plastic FREE!

We serve a niche and rapidly growing market. Those who desire natural & organic personal care products and focusing on those who are also eco-friendly and would go out of their way to purchase a product that doesn't harm the environment.

We are currently launching products and in a rapid growth phase. We would use the scholarship fund for manufacturing our product line.

Sleeping Soundly

Rob Bennett

From 2012-2018 I built & grew a family run business here in Melbourne, Australia, to a decent 6 figure revenue level...only problem was, there was never any profit. I then came to a point were I said to myself there has got to be a better way. This is when I found Ryan and his BBB  & MDB courses. I dived in a saw that there was a way to build, not just a business for money purposes but a brand that actually made a difference in the world, that stood for something.

Around that time, my wife gave birth to our second daughter and between juggling a failing business and figuring out what to do and who to serve for my new venture, the sleep deprivation we were suffering from our new born, was tearing our relationship apart, my mental well being apart as well as affecting our physical well being.

In the midst of my hazy tired hit me! I am the market I want to serve!...this is the problem I want to stand for and to solve.

Without a doubt Sleep deprivation is the hardest part about being a new parent and if i could help people get there little ones to sleep easier (and stay asleep), then everyone would benefit.

And thus, Sleeping Soundly was born!

We aim to serve parents with new borns and toddlers that are struggling to settle their little ones and as a result are feeling the effects of sleep deprivation.

The way in which we intent to do this is by creating a line of products that have been specifically designed to lull a baby to sleep.

We also believe in creating premium products that actually do what they are intend to do.

We currently have our first product in Amazon's FBA center in Dallas and have launched it to a decent response....its called the 'Sleepy Sam Security Blanket' and comes with a bunch of feature designed to sooth a little to sleep...including a soundbox that plays either white noise or a Lullaby, a loop for the pacifier and a bunch of other features.

We are have also finished the designs for our second product which is a stroller/car seat liner that incorporates and number of similar features to the security blanket but allows parent on the move to settle their children.

Receiving the scholarship will allow us to continue optimizing our marketing, grow our audience as well as begin production on product number 2.  

Clean Earth Works

Stephanie Jones

I have some business experience, but have mostly spent
my time working as a stay at home mom raising 4 wonderful daughters. As my friend Jessy and I started looking for clean and healthy products for our families, we got tired of either not finding what we wanted or when we did, the products were too expensive. We decided to start Clean Earth Works to provide healthy, organic, natural and inexpensive products to other moms and individuals who are concerned about harsh chemicals in their normal health, beauty and household products.

We serve 25 to 40 year old mothers who
are health savvy and want to provide
their families with healthy, organic and inexpensive alternatives to everyday beauty and household products.

Our all natural and earth-based products
are simple and clean. Our "no-frills" and
straight-forward approach instills
confidence and trust in our customers.

Our customers hang out on Facebook Groups like;
1. Natural Organic Skincare
2. Natural Organic Products
3. Organic Life
4. Organic Products
5. World Organic Products Group
6. The Skin Organic Products
7. Instant glow

We are in the very beginning stage of developing our brand. We have learned a lot over the past 12 months -- mostly by trial and error.
With the scholarship money, we would participate in more training, helping us find the right target audience, promote to that audience, and scale to larger groups than just our friends.
We are eager to learn, but with so many different approaches out there, we don't know who to trust as our business coach.

Untamed Wine Estates

Mckenzie Sanvido

My husband and I traveled across the world working for commercial wineries and producing wines to meet required numbers. Tired of climbing the corporate ladder, we dove into the entrepreneurial world, developing a winery for ourselves and for those that aspire to break free from everyday restraints. From equal parts enterprise and expertise, Untamed Wines Estates, Inc. was crafted.
Our wines reinvent traditional styles through international inspiration. We are creating a winery and tasting room not only for imbibing, but to showcase the production and craft of winemaking. With each visitor, we aspire to incite curiosity, impart knowledge, and gain appreciation for the skill in producing a quality wine.
Most importantly, we want our wines to serve as a reminder to be ambitious, remain passionate, and always live UNTAMED.

Untamed Wines is located in the Hill Country of Texas, home to a booming wine industry and the most visited wine region in the United States aside from Napa. Upon our first visit to the Hill Country, we were greatly impressed by the amount of people and the quality of the tasting rooms. However, the connection between the tasting room and the winery itself seemed to be lost. The romance of wine is found not only in the surrounding vineyards and artfully designed tasting rooms, but also in the hands of the winemaker and throughout the production space.
Wine is more than a commodity, it is an adventure to be shared and enjoyed. At Untamed, visitors will have the opportunity to touch the barrel in which their wine was aged, an experience that cannot be provided through a grocery store bought wine.
Untamed Wine Estates is intended for those that appreciate distinctive wine and desire a deeper understanding about the wines in which they enjoy. We plan to implement an educational approach to wine tasting by revealing the science, craft, and knowledge that goes into making wine. Through various levels of elevated tasting experiences, each visitor will be educated in our international styled production and leave with a deeper appreciation for wine and the skill of winemaking.

One of the oldest jokes in the wine industry is: “How do you make a million dollars in the wine industry?” the answer: “You start with 2 million.”
Turns out, this is not a joke.
Starting a winery requires a large capital investment upfront. Due to this investment, we have postponed a portion of our plans until we start attaining a cash flow (i.e. once our winery is open and can start selling wine). It would not only be a huge honor to be awarded with a scholarship, but it would also allow us to expedite the inclusion of a fully operational kitchen. A kitchen would add to our unique environment by providing gourmet food for visitors in pairings of international cuisine from our diverse backgrounds with corresponding wines.
As of right now, our 2019 grapes have been harvested and the wine is currently undergoing an extensive aging process. We are about a month away from breaking ground on our 27 acre estate. Working alongside a reputable architect, we have designed a state-of-the-art winery and tasting room which prioritizes functionality and includes the capability of hosting large personal and/or corporate events.
Since moving to Texas in 2019, we have also opened a commercial laboratory and consulting business for the wine industry. The Lab Pros has since gained over 80 clients throughout the United States. We are passionate about wine and love collaborating with other likeminded individuals.
Through expertise, enthusiasm, and a little ingenuity, we are pursuing an entrepreneurial career in which we have always dreamed. We aspire to continue accomplishing our goals, creating new ambitions, and developing our Untamed brand.

ROI Bars

Robert Allen

When I was growing up, all I ever wanted to do was be an entrepreneur. I would watch shows like Shark Tank or see clips of guys like Bezos on the news and think, “Maybe one day I could do that, too!”

But when I graduated college, I felt myself going down the predictable, safe path: a career in banking.

So on nights and weekends, I started working on a skill that would change that trajectory.

I began practicing copywriting. Eventually, I got good enough to catch the attention of my idol Ramit Sethi, then Dr. Axe and then the guys at Agora.

After a while of writing copy for other people, I thought I’d built up enough skill to start my own business.

So I did it. I quit my high-paying job to go out and build my own company.

But, little did I know, making the decision to start a business was the easiest part. I learned 100+hr weeks were the norm as you built something great.

I also noticed how hard it was to eat cleanly and fuel my body while building my company.

It was easy to either (a) not eat all day and gorge at night or (b) eat sugary foods throughout the day.

What I craved was a convenient performance food. Other bars catered to weight loss communities or focused on having the most macro-friendly label but synthetic ingredients and toxins.

What I really wanted was something that guaranteed a return on the investment I put into my body.

It didn’t exist. So I created ROI bars. It’s clean energy fuel for entrepreneurs, who want an ROI on the food they put in their bodies just like they do their business.

My audience is online entrepreneurs.

They’re busy professionals who believe in building something great.

They’re changing the world one product, one service and one customer at a time.

We will serve them by providing them with clean foods and supplements that make it easy for them to get the nutrition and energy they need on their journey to change the world.

Our bars are designed to be fuel for their bodies AND minds. Whether they’re on the go, between meetings or working around the clock before a product launch, we’re there for them.

ROI Bars ensure that you get a return on the investment you put into your body. So that your mental performance never suffers as you build your company and make your dent in the world.  

I've been working hard over the last 5 months to begin building my audience. I started a podcast and blog so that I would have a group of people I can share this with when I have enough saved up to do custom formulation for the bar.

If I got the scholarship, it would speed up my timeline and allow me to push the formulation conversations forward so much faster.

I found a great company to create the bars, but since the ingredient quality is so high the initial investment in the bar formulation and test run is almost $7,000.

This scholarship would allow me to pursue a test order aggressively and move up my target launch by at least 180 days.

It would also allow me to not cut corners and white label a generic version (just catered toward my demo).

I really think the TRUE value proposition of the products is that they will help with performance and to do that does take some custom (read: expensive) work on the formulations.

Last but not least, I would be incredibly grateful that you see the vision too. I've made succeeding with this the #1 priority and I know I'll get there. But this would just put me on that path so much faster.

I’m grateful for you guys for giving me this opportunity to make the bar that I would want to consume as I build my business.

Hopefully, you'll join me in this vision to make performance foods for entrepreneurs, people who care enough to attempt to do something great even if they might fail.

Because we know that if we succeed, it’s game over.

Thank you for reading 🙂

Primal Engine

Jordan Cordova

After coming back from Iraq a broken man, my wife still chose to accept me for who I am and through her love, restored me.  Primal Engine is the embodiment of her devotion to me, shared with the world. We lived by paleo diet standards and sought to live a healthy and balanced life for 5 years.  Then, we had our first child.

We now have three young children and it has become increasingly difficult to make healthy choices.  Too many times have we been fooled by candy wrapped in a healthy looking package. We want to share our knowledge and experience with the world by creating food that meets our high standards.

We serve professional moms who put everyone else first and their nutritional needs last.  We want to create organic pre-packaged food products that support the wife and mother who is the pillar of the family so that she can make good choices for herself, her husband and her children.

We created Primal Engine to be the shining light that guides the world to true health and wellness.  By educating the consumer on what is real food and what is just marketing.  We empower the consumer to make healthy choices for themselves and their families.  We are not just a food company, we are a lifestyle.  Restore the family, restore the world.

We are 2 months into the Grind Stage, building an audience through a private facebook group Go Small Series and on Instagram @primalengine.  The scholarship would allow us to create a larger ad campaign to grow our audience.  The money would also be used to start prototype formulations for organic food bars we currently make at home.  All of the money would be put into the Million Dollar Brands formula and get us into Amazon that much faster.


Tom Sullivan

It all started a few years ago. I had just left the army, I was fit, healthy and doing everything I could to lead a healthy life.

Or so I thought…

Out of nowhere my energy suddenly took a dive leaving me chronically fatigued and depressed.

It got so bad that I surrendered to the belief that being foggy and tired all the time was normal. After several months I even remember thinking to myself “this is just the way I am”.

I had tried EVERYTHING to fix it …and nothing seemed to help.

It wasn’t until one day when I had my very first green drink.

I started to feel a change and have MORE energy. I wasn’t quite so depressed anymore. But, it wasn’t perfect…

So, I started researching and trying different ones… And I also started experimenting with different plants, herbs and mushrooms that would reduce brain fog and give me natural energy.

I was feeling SO MUCH BETTER! But it wasn’t quite THERE yet…

And I also realized that just about every single “healthy green drink” in the store had a problem…

…they were full of cheap fillers, additives and synthetic ingredients…

…many of them would advertise up to 75 ingredients on the label, but only sprinkle in small amounts of each one.

Talk about deceptive!

And they ALL tasted like the bottom of a lawn mower.

So, I started ordering raw ingredients to my house and started testing and building a formula of my own.

After a year, I finally created the perfect formula that worked for ME.

Once it transformed my life and the lives of my friends and family, something told me that I couldn’t just keep it to myself.

My avatar’s name is Paula and she is on a journey or transformation to better health.

She frequently feels tired and worn out for no reason.

She doesn't look or feel like she once did.

She struggles to balance it all - a demanding job, kids to take care of and finding time for herself.

She wants nothing more than to have the energy and good health to live life to its fullest - to keep up with the kids, to go on active vacations and spend time with loved ones.

She wants to be there for her kids and show up as a healthy role model.

Paula enjoys Biofy Limitless Greens every morning because it starts her day off healthy.

It kickstarts her body’s process of daily detoxing, boosts her metabolism and gives her that natural can't-wait-to-experience-the-joy-of-life energy.

Biofy Limitless Greens has been listed on Amazon for a couple months and has been growing at a steady pace. It currently does a few sales each day (profitably) and is gaining new positive reviews everyday.

I am in the process of optimizing and split testing different aspects of the Amazon listing - both PPC and Marketing.  

The scholarship fund will accelerate growth by giving me the resources to drive more traffic to my listing through PPC. I may be also looking at getting a professional sales video created as well.


Jessie Hockett

Hey! I'm Jessie. I'm a Physician Assistant and mom by day, small business owner by night. I am passionate about metabolic syndrome because it affects so many friends and loved ones, including myself – I developed it after having my first child, when I couldn’t get rid of unhealthy, stubborn belly fat. It is incredibly common, yet vastly unrecognized.

Did you know that metabolic syndrome is the leading cause of heart disease, diabetes and stroke in our nation? And that 1 out of 3 US adults have metabolic syndrome? Crazy huh.

Metabolic syndrome is a cluster of symptoms including increased waist circumference, and sometimes includes elevated blood sugars, cholesterol and/or blood pressure. It often includes symptoms like stubborn weight gain (especially in the midsection), slowed metabolism, fatigue, inflammation, joint aches and sleep issues. If you have PCOS, fatty liver disease, sleep apnea, thyroid issues, diabetes, or are overweight, you most likely have metabolic syndrome.

Metabolic Syndrome is the #1 preventable and reversible health crisis of our nation. It is the most common, yet under-diagnosed medical problem in our country.

I'm here to increase awareness about metabolic syndrome. I want to bridge the gap between the medical community and the general population, because there is too much mis-information out there. Too many fad diets and get-thin-quick gimmicks.

I started Doc Hox, as a central location online, where busy parents can come learn about metabolic syndrome, have an action plan to beat it, be equipped physically and mentally to overcome the challenges, and have a thriving support network of peers to encourage their journey.

I am passionate about metabolic syndrome because I struggled with it personally, and I want to help others who find themselves in the same place. I want to guide other parents in their journey to beat metabolic syndrome.

I serve busy moms and dads with metabolic syndrome.

I provide:
-a book I wrote, called 'The Comprehensive Guide to Metabolic Syndrome'
-a natural supplement, BestFormin, to combat metabolic syndrome, with active ingredient Berberine (well-established, evidence-based benefits)
-an online course 'Action Plan to Beat Metabolic Syndrome' with physical workbook
-1:1 health coaching
-a thriving FB support group with built-in encouragement and accountability
-options for cooking club, 21-day challenge and cookbook are in order
-desire to bring more physical products such as exercise, gym equipment, healthy food and snack options tailored for those with metabolic syndrome

I would categorize as being in the beginning growth phase.
We have several hundred members in the private Facebook group.
Supplement and book sales are steady.
I'd like help with expansion, and increasing access/awareness.

I would like to expand the brand to include cookbooks, education, awareness, as well as physical products i.e. a line of natural supplements to support healthy mood, sleep and stress support; nutritional metabolic friendly snack bars and food items; exercise equipment; and more!

I have a strong vision, and steady determination. Receiving this scholarship would boost morale. It would also enable me to unfold more products, and hire help in the areas I'm not strongest, so I can focus on what I do best: content creation, education and serving my audience.

I have been completely self-taught, and my progress has been explosive, considering I started this less than a year ago, and I also work part time at the hospital, and take care of my 2-year old daughter when I'm not working. I've been able to make as much progress as I have based on will-power and determination, but being able to have help where I need it & better focus my talents would be life-changing.

Receiving this scholarship would enable me to help even more people in need.


Ivania Perez

I started Kidaku because I became a mom. After having my first child I went back to work full-time and quickly experienced permanent exhaustion and feeling overwhelmed at all times like so many other moms experience. With every new milestone, came a series of new challenges and needs- both for my child and for us as parents. Time became scarce, quality time even scarcer and me-time was non-existent. People know all about baby-proofing their homes but rarely go around parent-proofing their lives. And so I was tired of being tired. This gave me the inspiration to come up with products that would help improve the parenting journey of fellow parents- and more specifically, moms- while making them feel good about themselves as they raise their children.

We are serving mothers of babies and young children who find themselves at that stage where their little ones need and demand the most out of their energy, care and attention. We are developing a line of products that will help them connect with their child in ways that foster play, creativity and freedom of expression while also helping to engage in good parenting philosophies and habits.
The first phase of our product offering will focus on engaging in quality time and play while promoting a healthy lifestyle. We want to help these young, enthusiastic moms guide the next generation of healthy, confident and emotionally secure children through mostly ‘retro’ style toys that are eco-friendly, educational and of high quality.
The second phase seeks to enhance the experience of mothers, up-leveling their journey and providing opportunities that allow for positive day-to-day interactions with their little ones. These products will feature more daily-use items with an innovative spin such as sustainable eating bowls and bibs, sanitizing accessories, stroller accessories, weighted blankets and down the line even feature a Wine just for Moms!

We are currently at the prototyping phase with our products, currently working with product designers and developers to put a completely new spin to so many parenting needs! The scholarship would help us invest in testing and inventory purchasing. Our aim is to truly design great products with unique features and functionality that help disrupt the market in a positive way.

Creative Colors

Jason Pockrandt

Creative Colors is a family run business. Myself (Jason) is the recovering Financial Advisor turned Career Crusher and the brains behind the business side. My beautiful wife (Chandra) is the artistic genius. Of course It wouldn’t be complete without our inspiration for and the creation of the business, (Lenox Jane) our 4 yr old daughter

Chandra is and always has been a creative soul at heart. She knew that she wanted something more out of life than just the full-time job that took her away from her family. I also wanted to discover a way that I could retire my wife at 31 and allow her the space to self explore and provide her own unique value to our family and the world.

In March of 2016 11 months after the birth of our first child Lenox. Chandra came home with the idea of “making paint brushes” She started this business with me to have extra income and to give our daughter options in life to do what she wanted when she was old enough to make that choice. The ultimate freedom to choose. Something that neither I nor Chandra had as we grew up. Leaving a legacy for our family is something that just felt right when we started Creative Colors. We named the business itself after Lenox (LJ’s Creations.) It started as just an extra income but it quickly proved to us that it was more than just a few extra dollars, and that it had potential to grow into a household brand that all creative souls around the world coming back into the art world again would love and cherish. A place for families to create together and for art to be passed down from generation to generation. Creating a lasting legacy of color and wonder.

We serve the creative soul that loves creating but fell out of it over the years. The women and men who gave up their desire for art for the comfort of a career.  Yet now has the time and feels the urge to create again. The yearning to share their passion to create with their children, grandchildren, and weeknight companions. They are retired from their career, taking an oil painting class again, studying from the best artists in the world and know the value of a premium instrument to reignite their journey toward art once more.

We currently sell our product line of Premuim Red Sable Filbert Brush Set, A Deluxe Variety Nylon Set, and a Deluxe Nylon set of Miniature Paint Brushes that give the creative soul the ability to create masterpieces that surpass generations. Our brushes place the confidence and creativity back into the hands of artists world wide. We also have our Facebook Group- Artists Secrets How to Build a Real Online Art Business, for those who want to advance to the next level and help them learn again with confidence in their self and they creativity.

Creative Colors just launched our 3rd paintbrush set to its product line in the middle of 2019 but the momentum wasn’t the best. Throughout our launch process while this was expected to grow, we suffered the horrible loss of our second child that threw us off the course (almost completely.) This is something that no person can really explain how it makes you feel when it happens. Though, I will say we almost lost it all. Promoting the 3rd product was very far from our minds while we’ve grieved these past 7 months.

We feel that receiving this scholarship will help to reignite our fire again and help us with the funds we need to relaunch our 3rd product again with the proper resources to scale. This will help us build the brand and fund our next 6 products along this crazy yet beautiful journey. The scholarship money would help immensely in building our audience for these launches. In 2020 you will see Creative Colors releasing wooden easels, aprons, oil paint, acrylic paint, mop brushes, dagger brushes, and the coveted Creatives Journal.

We have been blessed beyond measure learning from Million Dollar Brands and Ryan Daniel Moran. We are fortunate to be in this contest and winning the scholarship would transform our brand and help take us from $100K year business to a million dollar brand in the next 12 months of 2020. This will help us build the brand and fund our next product along this crazy yet beautiful journey. This scholarship victory would truly be a blessing to this brand, our family and our creative souls that we serve.