REVEALED: The 11 Best Amazon Strategies For 2020…

Finally achieve personal and financial freedom by dipping into a river of untapped buyers? YES.

Dear Future One-Percenter,

As I sat down to write this quick note to you, I did a quick search for news about Amazon over the last year or so.

And what I found just adds even more urgency and possibility to everything I’m going to reveal to you on this page.

In only 25 years Amazon went from an idea in the mind of Jeff Bezos to the world’s largest company. In 2019 they surpassed Microsoft and Apple to become the largest company on the planet

And even though they move in and out of that top spot, that’s an accomplishment right along the lines of J. Paul Getty with Standard Oil, Andrew Carnegie with U.S. Steel Corp, Henry Ford with Ford Motor Company, Sam Walton with Walmart, Bill Gates with Microsoft, and Steve Jobs with Apple. Pretty good company. 

And while those companies are gone or struggling to grow like they once did, CNBC says :

And with the COVID-19  pandemic forcing everyone to shop online even more, it certainly seems like Amazon is going to be a major player for at least a decade.

But I’m not writing to talk you into buying Amazon stock. I’m writing to you today because I want you to invest in yourself by serving others who are looking for solutions on Amazon

Why One of The Largest Companies On The Planet Wants To Help YOU Get Rich...

What Jeff Bezos has done with Amazon is amazing. We all use them for finding solutions to all kinds of “problems” we want solved. Solutions like…

  • A new book to help grow our business, teach us about a new topic, or keep us entertained on that next beach trip..
  • A supplement to help us get more out of our workouts or keep us living stronger, longer...
  • A cable we can’t find anywhere else to connect our gadgets…
  • Household supplies and groceries...
  • Toys for kids...
  • Shows and movies we can stream to our devices...
  • And SOOOOO much more including services of all kinds (keep reading!)...

And because they make it SO EASY TO BUY those solutions from them, they’re the biggest.

But I’m not here to convince you to BUY from Amazon. You probably already do that. Instead, I’m here to help you CASH IN on what Amazon has built for you.

Because what makes Amazon unique ---and why it matters to YOU--- is that they LOVE and reward creators… entrepreneurs… like you.

Put simply, instead of just creating a company that made him, his family and investors rich (like a Sears, Walmart or Microsoft) Amazon created a platform that allows average men and women like you and me to become highly successful entrepreneurs.

For example…

  • One of the Amazon business models we’ve found allows any entrepreneur or hobbyist to “talk” about what they love and get paid by Amazon--without ever having to touch a product or deal with returns. And if you already have a podcast, blog or other audience, this forgotten Amazon business model can put money in your pocket fast.
  • Another Amazon business model we’ve uncovered allows you to crank out 6-figures from the comfort of your keyboard. No products needed. If you’re interested, we’ll introduce you to one unlikely entrepreneur who hauled in $30k in one month thanks to her keyboard and Amazon.

Another Amazon business model we love is launching more millionaires than ever before. In fact, one of my friends used this business model to pocket a check for $95 million just two years after launching with only $600, an idea, and the Amazon platform.

I’ve got more information on how you can get details on each of these---including how to get started---a little later on this page. Just know these Amazon businesses are allowing ordinary men and women to tap into the largest pool of buyers the world has ever seen.

Fact is, unlike any time in history, scrappy entrepreneurs can tap into the power of Amazon to create virtually any type of business they want.

Better yet, they can work less and earn more.

Best of all, they can earn faster than ever by eliminating without all the start-up hassles, marketing challenges, and fulfillment issues most small business owners face in their first few years.

This means thanks to you can get started faster than ever before, earn more profit than ever before with less headaches than ever before.

And no, it’s not too late---if you understand how to take advantage of what’s working on Amazon now and into 2020 and beyond.

NOTE: things HAVE changed over the last few years. Some changes make things easier; other changes make things harder.

Your success depends on knowing the difference.

But the net result is that you can still start a very profitable business on Amazon. In other words…

The Good Ol’ Days Are Back!

Once upon a time it was easy to sell online. Any site with an offer could do well. The competition was low and the cost to get people to your site was low or even free.

Same was true on Amazon a few years back.

Then, it got really hard to succeed online. Rising competition meant rising ad costs, too many choices for consumers, and scams (or greedy sellers) eroded consumer confidence.

Over the last 2-3 years it felt like it was too late or too expensive to get started online.

But you're about to discover why the good old days are back…

… one-man shows,

… new entrepreneurs, and

… established sellers

… are using NEW strategies in 2020 to get to the top of reviews, rank for sought after product keywords, charge higher prices, and get more exposure on Amazon pay-per-click.

No matter which Amazon business model you choose, it’s once again possible to stand out from the crowd as a real sustainable brand and business---even if you are just getting started now in 2020.

In fact, we believe it's easier than it's ever been. The platform is more secure. More proven. And most importantly, has more BUYERS than ever before.

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As a result, he knows the ins and outs of Amazon, every button to push, every ninja strategy to deploy and exactly when to do it.

He sees hundreds of thousands of dollars of data going through PPC accounts and knows how to leverage Amazon PPC for all it's worth. If you're starting on a shoestring budget, or you haven't been able to crack $100K a month, Liran knows the tips and tactics to help you overcome your hurdles.

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  • He even shares tips on what’s working BEST with product images right now… and making this little tweak can make a big impact on how yours convert.
  • Right NOW, many of the tactics Liran shows us are absolutely free to use. But that won’t last forever, so now is the time to jump on them. Take advantage of your chance to get a head start.
  • And more...

Just take a look at who else you’ll meet as you discover the Top 11 Amazon Strategies of 2020:


Featured One Percenter #2

Travis Kilian

Although a fairly new e-commerce Titan, Travis Kilian has exceeded $25 million per year in Amazon sales alone with a simple formula, create a great product optimized for Amazon, and be great to your customers.

Travis has a variety of products in different niches and different brands, yet his relentless focus on Amazon marketing has allowed him to stand out from everyone else.

Today, Travis is the proud owner of a $25 million a year plus empire, and he is the envy of every Amazon seller dubbed the greatest Amazon marketer in the world from the podcast. Travis will be joining you and your fellow members of The One Percent this January to share what's working for him right now.

Alex and Shauna

Featured One Percenter #3

Alex and Shauna Upperman

What do you do once you've hit it big from Amazon? Alex and Shauna built their eCommerce and Amazon business for four years before having a meaningful exit. From there, they turned their attention to growing their wealth by investing in real estate.

This January, you'll sit next to these two e-commerce millionaires, hear how they built their empire, how they did it while managing a happy life and marriage, and what they did with the money to ensure that they would grow their wealth for a lifetime and leave a legacy for their children and their family.

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